What does HARDMIN offer?

The purpose of the national repository of research data HARDMIN (Hellenic Academic Research Data Management Initiative) is the collection of the total of such data created by Greek researchers and scholars. The repository is intended to meet the critical need for safe storage and publication of the research data of the Greek scientific community. The aim is to increase transparency in research, make data available for reuse by researchers all over the world, accelerate the digital transformation of our country’s research field, and adopt competitive practices concerning research proposals and scholarly communication.

How can someone use HARDMIN?

In the repository, every researcher of Greek Universities can log in using their credentials and they can easily post their research data. Special teams of authors, either within one academic unit (e.g., laboratory manager) or within an institution (e.g., the staff of a Library), can make your data public, which will have persistent identifiers and can be interconnected with your unique ORCID iD and with your publications, e.g. an article in a scientific journal. In special cases, access can be controlled and provided upon request.

More information

HARDMIN is based on CKAN open software and is, along with HELIX, the national e-Infrastructure to provide catalogue and repository services for scientific data, which are part of the infrastructures for Open Science. The repository can connect to the existing repositories and collect the relevant data from existing collections.

The repository is accessible through https://hardmin.heal-link.gr, while researchers can contact their Institutional Library for more details.