Progress of HEAL-Link Open Access Programs

The Scholarly Communication Unit has been publishing reports of HEAL-Link open-access programs every quarter since September 2020 to regularly assess their course and update the strategy and plans of HEAL-Link. These reports are:


Two studies on the publishing output of Greek researchers on the coronavirus have been published by the Branch.

  1. COVID-19: open access to Greek publications.
    A Greek presentation for the publications of Greek Researchers about the coronavirus was made in the digital two-day conference of the Athena RC “COVID-19: good practices, tools, and contact points in Greece.” The study uses data from the first ten days of October 2020 from Scopus and Unpaywall.
  2. Publications by Greek Researchers on COVID-19
    A report with articles of Greek researchers concerning the new coronavirus (Covid-19). This report is based on data from the COVID-19 Dataset of Global Research of the Dimensions database (Digital Science & Research Solutions Inc) and it was created using Google’s BigQuery and DataStudio tools. Go to the relevant announcement.