As part of its mission, the Scholarly Communication Unit of HEAL-Link designed and administrated a survey that was addressed to all consortium’s academic member-institutions and achieved proportionate representation according to their magnitude. This nationwide survey was limited to a sample of 500 authors that classify to seven broad scientific fields and represent different age groups and years of experience. The survey was substantially supported by liaison librarians in each institution, as well as by Library Directors and Vice Rectors of Academic Affairs, to whom the Scholarly Communication Unit and HEAL-Link are grateful.

Throughout the survey, the researchers were asked several questions, related to their opinion and their experience with different aspects of OA and its implementation ways. Our interest was also on their past experience with OA venues and the reasons for choosing or not open scholarly publishing. Other aspects of open publishing were examined as well, such as their opinion for institutional repositories and the reasons behind the relationship they may have with these. Lastly, we studied their awareness of the OA publishing options provided by HEAL-Link.

Important: the report is structured in four pages. You may navigate to its pages by using the control elements at the end of each one. In case some of the visualisations do not perform well, please see the report in the DataStudio platform.

Citation: Frantzi, M., Salamoura, A. & Tsakonas G. (2022). Open Access in Greece: perceptions in academic institutions. Scholarly Communication Unit, HEAL-Link. Available from